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American Press Coffee Maker

A new way to brew a cup of joe

Americans know how to brew coffee, too. (Photo: American Press)
Americans know how to brew coffee, too.

Most of us are familiar with a French Press. Well, now there’s the American Press coffee maker, too.

Instead of pouring water directly over the grounds then filtering the water as you would do with a French Press, the American Press (which looks similar to its European counterpart) moves a reusable pod filled with few scoops of medium-ground coffee through 12 or so ounces of hot water. Holes in the pod let water seep through the grounds as it inches down, creating your cup of joe. The slower you push, the stronger the coffee.

Bonus: each American Press is shatterproof and dishwasher safe, so it’s perfect for car camping, too. 


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Lead Photo: American Press