Toyota 2000 GT

A $680,000 Japanese vintage super car

Toyota 2000 GT
Because #YOLO. Unless you're James Bond. (Ken Brothers)

Toyota announced its first super car—the 2000 GT—back in 1965. At the time, most Japanese cars were small and meek, so the GT was an outlying monster, with a top speed of 135 miles per hour. 

The car was popularized in You Only Live Twice, a 1967 James Bond movie, but Toyota only produced 351 of the vehicles before it stopped production three years later. Only 50 of these cars found their way onto North American asphalt. 

Thankfully, this model from 1968 is one of the few that made it to the U.S. It's also an anomaly in that the steering wheel is on the left side, with the original tool roll and owner's manual still intact. While some GT 2000s have netted over $1,000,000 at auction, this one sold for (just!) $683,000. That, however, is still 100 times the original sticker price of $6,800.


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