Who needs a submarine when you can have this $600,000 dive suit instead?

Your own bad-ass, personal submarine. (Nuytco Research Ltd.)
Photo: Nuytco Research Ltd. exosuit

Nuytco Research bills its latest creation as a dive suit, but it looks more like a bad-ass personal submarine to us. That’s because a diver in the device, dubbed the Exosuit, can descend to 1,000 feet: the aluminum frame can withstand a crushing 29 atmospheres of pressure. 

Four integrated thrusters propel the suit in any direction and 19,000-lumen LEDs light up the depths. On-board CO2 scrubbers are good for up to 50 hours of dive time, although a bathroom break would send a diver to the surface well before the oxygen ran out.

All systems can be monitored from the surface via a 1,200-foot tether, which can also be used to bring the diver home in case of an accident. Multiple attachment tools are available for underwater tasks, such as cutting line or digging up long-lost treasure—booty that would help cover the astronomical price tag.

$600,000, nuytco.com

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