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Toyota Tonka 4Runner

A life-size Tonka truck. Because why not?

We dare you to find us a sandbox this Tonka can't power through. (Photo: Toyota)
Toyota tonka 4runner

Thanks to a collaboration between Toyota and Hasbro, we now have a life-size Tonka toy. 

The Tonka 4Runner is a mash-up of the popular SUV and the even more beloved toy brand, with a matte black finish and yellow Tonka graphics. With a four-liter V6 engine, 20-inch Ultra Motorsports Type 250 Colossus wheels, and Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ 38×15.50R20LT off-road tires, the car will power through any sandbox in the world. There’s also a pop-up tent on top, so you can watch the stars until mom calls you in for dinner.

Unfortunately, it’s only a concept at the moment, so it won’t be available for purchase anytime soon.


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Lead Photo: Toyota
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