Dom Vetro R100/7 Motorcycle

An old classic gets an entirely modern overhaul

So pretty we'd say it should be in a museum, but for its performance artistry on the road. (Blaine Davis)
Photo: Blaine Davis Motorcycle

Ashley Bezamat, the founder of luxury eyeglass maker Dom Vetro, recently partnered with Brooklyn-based motorcycle builder Chad Hodge, of Cardinal Motors, to overhaul a 1978 BMW R100/7. The result: a bike that transcends grease-monkey mania and rises to museum-quality art.

Hodge started with a top-end rebuild of the engine, then added lots of custom parts, including the sub frame, seat, and fenders. He then modernized the bike’s guts, switching in Mikuni VM34 carbs, Dyna III electronic ignition and coils, custom shocks, and a Motogadget Motoscope Classic—an aesthetically pleasing speedometer-tachometer combo. He finished with a white-and-burgundy color palette (check out that ribbed leather seat) for a package that ain’t so hard on the eyes. 

The R100/7 has become the crown jewel for an entire Dom Vetro moto collection, which include sunglasses, a leather tank strap, a leather tool bag, and a limited-edition, custom-painted helmet. But as pleasing as all the accessories are, our eyes are still on the bike. 

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