Cabin on Wheels

Tiny houses just keep getting better

A luxurious tiny home that goes anywhere (Benjamin Rasmussen)
Photo: Benjamin Rasmussen tiny house

We’ve seen a lot of tiny homes on wheels. But this one might be our favorite yet.

The 236-square-foot trailer-plus-house meets the legal limits for highway driving and can be hauled by a large truck. But it doesn’t skimp on style or amenities. Outside, it has beautiful cedar paneling and large sliding glass doors that make the space feel wide open. Inside, there’s birch-veneer plywood walls and four distinct spaces: a bedroom, kitchen, living area, and bathroom (with a cow-trough bathtub). Two skylights flood the entire space with natural light.

Eight-inch storage compartments line the floor, while insulated panels help keep heating costs low. Because tiny home people like nice things, too, there’s also a 55-inch flatscreen TV. 


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