Porsche Mission E Electric Car

It’s powered by an electric motor, but still drives like a Porsche

Porsche Mission E Electric Car

Still a Porsche in every way that counts Photo: Porsche

Porsche is gunning for Tesla, with its sexy new electric Mission E

The Mission E will be a Porsche in every way that counts, with a powerful 600-horsepower engine that propels it from zero to 60 miles per hour in just over three seconds. The top speed is about 155 mph and the range is 315 miles. The battery powers up to 80 percent in 15 minutes, depending on the charger, and Porsche will offer a wireless charging option via an induction coil that owners can install in their garage floors.

From what we can tell, Porsche is serious about taking the Mission E to production (it's sunk $7.6 million into the venture). Unfortunately, you'll have to wait a while to get behind the wheel: Porsche doesn’t expect the cars to roll off the line until at least 2019. 


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