Opel Vivaro Surf

This van comes stock with everything you need for the ultimate surf trip

This rig hauls six people and their surf gear to the beach (Opel)
Photo: Opel Opel vivaro surf van

Hey, surfers: Opel just designed your new dream rig.

The Vivaro Surf concept hauls six people to the beach, and comes with a special roof rack for boards and under-seat storage for everything else. When you’re done in the water, the back of the van is designed to hold the wet, sandy kit. Winter surfers can warm up with an optional parking-lot heater that keeps the cabin cozy without having to turn on the engine. If surf’s down, the integrated WiFi hotspot will keep you entertained. All that, plus the van gets 38 miles per gallon with its 142-horsepower turbo diesel engine. 

Right now, Opel plans to sell the Vivaro Surf exclusively in Europe. But we’ve heard rumors that parent company GM may eventually sell the van in the U.S., too. 

$TBD, opel.com

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