Photo: Jakob Schiller
Call it what you want—a shacket, shirt jac, or overshirt—the insulated button-down has recently exploded in popularity. It’s easy to see why. When it’s not cold enough for a full-on parka, this outerwear hybrid offers warmth and, often, water resistance, with a casual, “I’m not coming off an expedition” look. Almost every brand has its own take, but we’ve rounded up our ten favorites.

Photo: Western Rise Caribou Quilted Shirt ($139)

Western Rise caught our attention at last summer’s Outdoor Retailer as one of the industry’s most innovative new small brands, and its Caribou shirt has kept us intrigued. A water-resistant face fabric protects the recycled poly/coffee insulation. That’s right: every Caribou uses 12 plastic bottles and three cups’ worth of used grounds to keep you toasty.

Photo: Jakob Schiller

Columbia Windward III Overshirt ($80)

At less than half the cost of other picks on this list, the Windward III is your gateway drug to the world of shackets. A breathable wool-blend fabric on top covers a fleece-like insulation that’s soft against the skin, creating an ultracozy piece that’s equally suited for watching football or hiking in winter.
Photo: Jakob Schiller

United by Blue Bison Snap Jacket ($248)

As the name implies, the Bison uses bison fiber as insulation, which, like wool, works well in a wide range of temperatures. Bucket hand pockets and earthy color options make this a perfect après-ski pick.
Photo: Jakob Schiller

Levi’s Vintage Clothing Wool Shirt Jacket ($248)

Levi’s Vintage Clothing Wool Shirt Jacket is the grandfather of the modern shacket. A thick, electric-blue wool fabric cuts the cold. We love the peacoat-style buttons on the front and cuffs paired with the old-school tapered collar.
Photo: Jakob Schiller

Burton Analog Conduct Shirt ($100)

Burton made the Conduct with spring snowboarding in mind. A DWR finish offers light protection from precipitation, while the 40-gram polyester insulation stops wind. Multiple pocket options—snap, zip, and open—let you hold all your essentials on the hill.
Photo: Jakob Schiller

Mountain Hardwear Trekkin Fleece-Lined Shacket ($120)

This shacket has its roots in lumberjack culture, which is exactly what we think of when we see the classic plaid pattern. But unlike traditional flannel, the fabric on this piece is entirely synthetic, mixing a modern polyester with a stretchy elastane for enough mobility to swing an ax.
Photo: Jakob Schiller

Edgevale North Coast Shirt Jacket ($199)

If God is in the details, then the North Coast is the holiest shacket on our list. The fit is perfect, the styling is even better, and it’s packed with clever features—like a polyurethane membrane sandwiched between the outer and inner fabrics that makes this the most water-resistant option on the list.
Photo: Jakob Schiller

Woolrich Quilted Mill Wool Shirt Jac ($295)

Every bit of the duck-down Quilted Mill Wool Shirt Jac reflects the legacy of Woolrich, which is approaching its 200th birthday. The plaid pattern has appeared on similar shirts and jackets for the past 100 years. The piece forgoes a modern, svelte cut in favor of a roomier fit, which only adds to its old-school appeal.
Photo: Jakob Schiller

Snow Peak Flexible Insulated Shirt ($270)

The Flexible Insulated Shirt from Japanese company Snow Peak, with its minimalist, understated design, is the most fashion-forward piece here. It also performs great. The stretchy polyester face and interior fabric gave us a huge range of motion, and its airy feel had us putting—then keeping—it on.
Photo: Jakob Schiller

Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Jacket ($169)

We like the Insulated Fjord for early winter mornings on the way to the slopes. Sixty grams of recycled-poly insulation gives it extra warmth (it’s toastier than most of the shackets listed here), while hidden hand pockets along the sides easily store small necessities like keys and cash. The face fabric is made from organic cotton, making the piece soft and cozy.

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