Wes Siler

The story of adventure-travel in the outdoors
You can never have enough of nature.




Wes Siler

Wes Siler runs IndefinitelyWild, Outside's lifestyle column telling the story of adventure-travel in the outdoors, the vehicles and gear that get us there, and the people we meet along the way. You may recognize Wes from such websites as Jalopnik, Gizmodo, and Hell For Leather, where he used to review cars and motorcycles, and share his various misadventures, outdoors and otherwise. Wes lives in Montana with his partner Virginia McQueen, and their dogs, Wiley, Bowie, and Teddy.


The David Bernhardt Scandal Tracker

It’s only been two weeks since President Trump nominated the former lobbyist to head the department, but by our count, he’s already involved in at least 12 separate corruption-related scandals. 

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How to Survive a Grizzly Bear Attack

The keystone species' return to the Rocky Mountains is an incredible success story, but it also means human-bear conflicts are on the rise. If we're to successfully live alongside the large predator...

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