Tonke T6 Camper Van

A tricked-out VW Transporter that makes us want to move to Europe

With solar- and battery-powered options, you can go off grid for days. (Tonke)
Photo: Tonke tonke

As we all know, Volkswagen camper vans have a cult following, and for good reason. They’re reliable and pack just enough features in a relatively small footprint. Now Netherlands-based Tonke looks to add to that legacy with its T6 van.

Their version takes the popular VW Transporter van model and adds extra storage, a swing-out kitchenette with a dual-burner gas stove, sink, and removable compressor refrigerator, as well as a pop-up roof and bed. If you’re going off-grid, the van has two four-gallon water tanks (fresh and gray), and solar- and battery-power options.

Unfortunately, just as VW’s California camper van is only available in Europe, there are no plans to offer Tonke’s version in the United States. 


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