Land Rover Defender Chelsea Wide Track

The iconic off-roader keeps its four-wheel-drive prowess, but gets a couple new creature comforts

Yes, you can still go anywhere. And you'll be comfortable doing it. (Chelsea Truck Company)
Chelsea Truck Company

The Land Rover Defender hasn’t seen many updates over the past 30 years, but one British firm is adding a touch of elegance to the iconic vehicle. 

The Chelsea Wide Track version, made by the Chelsea Truck Company, will still go anywhere, but it comes with luxury touches like leather-trimmed sport seats and a billeted steering wheel with matching aluminum pedals. On the off-road side, the Chelsea version also includes an upgraded front bumper, headlights, grill, and tires. 

Sadly, the UK-based Chelsea does not ship the vehicle to the U.S.*


*The original version of this article stated that Chelsea Truck Company ships the vehicles to the U.S. It does not. Outside regrets the error.

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