Element House

An off-the-grid structure in New Mexico that snaps to together like a set of Legos

Element House
A Lego set you can live in (Florian Holzherr, Courtesy of MOA)

The 1,543-square-foot Element House is made from several 100-square-foot modules that can be mixed and matched to create a custom layout. Clad in anodized aluminum shingles, each stackable unit is heated and cooled via solar chimneys and powered with solar panels. Since this particular house is in drought-plagued New Mexico, it also has a water-recycling system. 

If you want to book a stay at the place, it'll open to the public sometime in 2016 as guest accommodations at the Star Axis—an eleven-story architectonic sculpture on a remote New Mexico mesa. Developed as a joint venture between MOA Architects, the Museum of Outdoor Arts, and Star Axis, the building concept is slated for commercial production soon. 


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