Jonathan Olivier

Jonathan Olivier


The Best Hike in Every National Park

We compiled a list of the best hikes in each park, according to the wilderness guides, park rangers, and hikers who know them best.

Jonathan Olivier
Sep 18, 2019

'Bitten' Explores a Lyme Disease Conspiracy

The scientist who discovered the Lyme disease bacterium alleged the illness's current outbreak is the result of a bioweapons experiment gone awry. Science writer Kris Newby digs in to uncover the...

Jonathan Olivier
May 29, 2019

These Are the Most Secluded Hikes in the U.S.

With our national parks growing ever more crowded, we rounded up seven of the best wildlife management areas around the country for those who want to avoid the masses.

Jonathan Olivier
Aug 21, 2018

This 9-Year-Old Completed Thru-Hiking's Triple Crown

Christian Thomas, aka Buddy Backpacker, finished the Continental Divide Trail on September 18, 2017, becoming the youngest person to complete all three of the nation's top hiking trails.

Jonathan Olivier
Oct 16, 2017

The Crew Building the Next Great American Thru-Hike

The Great Eastern Trail spans nine states and 1,600 miles just west of the Appalachian Trail—but private landowners, meager funding, and sluggish construction are holding up the completion of America...

Jonathan Olivier
Jun 22, 2017

Meet the Appalachian Trail's Most Generous Trail Angel

Jim Tabor began stashing hand-carved spoons along the Appalachian Trail in southern Pennsylvania six years ago for through-hikers to find and take with them as souvenirs. His creations have come to...

Jonathan Olivier
Apr 27, 2017