• Photo: @stirlandraephoto

    It’s time to stop thinking of winter as the off-season. Yes, the coldest months call upon your creativity and resolve—but the rewards are huge: peak performance come spring and an instant antidote to the wintertime blues. We asked our Instagram followers to show us how they work out in the low temperatures. Whether it’s hopping on a fat bike, lapping their favorite ski area, or braving snow and ice on their daily run, here’s #HowYouTrain.

  • Photo: @jim.stimson

    1. Wade into an Icy River

    @jim.stimson: Home sweet home… it never gets old.
  • Photo: @tannerjfrost

    2. Jog to the Top

    @tannerjfrost: A beautiful day to jog to the summit of Squaw Peak (7,877') - 4 miles, 2600' elevation gain one way.
  • Photo: @stirlandraephoto

    3. Cruise Empty Roads

    @stirlandraephoto: Winter Solstice means you'll likely will get these type of roads all to yourself.
  • Photo: @mmpurlington

    4. Boot Up

    @mmpurlington: Walk and talk Wednesday with @wondermomanjax pulling me out of my office chair for a quick lap!
  • Photo: @runwithtara

    5. Run through Fresh Powder

    @runwithtara: I wanna shape the world to fit the way you move.
  • Photo: @cyclist_lawyer

    6. Fat Bike

    @cyclist_lawyer: Just got this rad photo from last night's race (was that seriously just last night?!?) Fat bike fun.
  • Photo: @gpasca

    7. Carve Out Time

    @gpasca: Winter is finally here—therefore it’s time for some proper training.
  • Photo: @kojman47

    8. Nordic Ski

    @kojman47: This is what I wake up for.
  • Photo: @me.llamo.liz

    9. Find New Limits on Foot

    @me.llamo.liz: You know how people always ask you on your birthday, "Do you feel older?" Well, after running a muddy and hilly 30 miles on my 30th (after not having run more than 15 miles in a year) I can truthfully answer YES. No other way I'd rather spend my birthday than celebrating and pushing my limits on my favorite trails all day.
  • Photo: @jaelynwolf

    10. Go Splitboarding

    @jaelynwolf: Let me remind you of all the things that really matter…
  • Photo: @larssentorbjorn

    11. Transport Precious Cargo

    @larssentorbjorn: This is a picture from Dønna (Helgeland, North Norway). The kids Are using a "kick skate" (“sparkstøtting” in Norwegian).
  • Photo: @stirlandraephoto

    12. Head for the Hills

    @stirlandraephoto: When escaping the crowds means simply going in the opposite direction.
  • Photo: @gabriellapalko

    13. Brave the Elements

    @gabriellapalko: Boutta get barreled.
  • Photo: @superhazeman

    14. Go Skating

    @superhazeman: On the ice again.
  • Photo: @nicolehandel

    15. Bring a Workout Buddy

    @nicolehandel: I don't have a better word for today than "epic." Several feet of snow, lots of ice, possible frostbite, good company… it was fabulous.
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