ArcaBoard Hoverboard

Thirty-six powerful fans will keep you off the ground for up to 12 minutes

One step closer to Marty McFly. (ArcaSpace)

It’s not as compact or nimble as Marty McFly’s, but we finally have a real hoverboard. 

Built by aerospace company ArcaSpace, the 5-foot-long ArcaBoard uses 36 high-powered fans and an arsenal of space-grade LiPo (lithium polymer) batteries to get a rider off the ground for up to six minutes. It'll hold a maximum weight of 175 pounds and has a top speed of 12 miles per hour as it zips over solid ground or water.

Users control the board via a Bluetooth app. They can also opt for a manual mode, using their bodyweight to steer. It's slated to ship in April.


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