Russian Sherp

It’ll roll over nearly anything and doubles as a boat

We dare you to find terrain this beast can't handle. (Sherp International)
Photo: Sherp International russian sherp

The Russian Sherp might be the most capable all-terrain vehicle we’ve ever seen.

It looks like a cross between a Tonka Truck and a Soviet-Era apartment building, and features absolutely no creature comforts save for a heater and seat belts. What is does have, though, are massive 5-foot tires that not only roll over nearly everything, but also act as floatation devices and propellers should you decide to venture into the water. 

Power is provided by the ubiquitous Kubota diesel engine, producing a top speed of about 30 miles per hour on land and six miles per hour on a lake. The best part? The thing is (almost) affordable.


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