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Lexus RX 450h AWD

Cleaner for the city but can still get grimy in the country

This hybrid version is full of surprises. (Courtesy of Lexus)
2016 Lexus RX Portland

The Test: The RX 450h is full of surprises. This hybrid version of the five-passenger RX 350 crossover is very fast and off-road capable, with two more inches of ground clearance than the stock Mercedes-Benz GLC300 4matic. It also smokes the city fuel economy of the Benz—though we wish it had more range in electric-only mode and the option to plug it in to charge.

Crave the XC90’s pedestrian-detecting tech? Upgrade with the Safety System + ($635), which will adjust your steering line should you start to stray from your lane. Want the taut feel of a Mazda CX-3? Get the F Sport edition ($55,645), which offers a more engaging ride and better handling. Still, the cargo space (56 cubic feet) was lacking.

The Verdict: Cleaner for the city but can still get grimy in the country.

$52,235; 30 mpg city/28 hwy

From Outside Magazine, March 2016
Filed To: Cars
Lead Photo: Courtesy of Lexus
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