Introducing Your Next Tiny-House Fantasy

The only commitment required on your part: a reservation

Get small: Getaway's pint-size cabins are cozy but come fully equipped. (Photo: Courtesy of Getaway)
Get small: Getaway's pint-size cabins are cozy but come fully equipped.

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Who hasn’t toyed with the idea of radically downsizing to a picturesque cabin, complete with blond-wood floors, stainless-steel appliances, and assorted design magazines? Usually, the daydream ends when you remember that you need a place to put your books and skis and children. 

That’s where Getaway, founded out of Harvard’s entrepreneurship lab, comes in. It’ll let you live the tiny-house fantasy with less commitment: $99 gets you a night in an Instagram-worthy, 160-square-foot retreat tucked into the woods. 

The catch: you don’t know where you’re going until the day before, only that it will be a secluded location within a two-hour drive of Boston. (Plans for New York City and San Francisco are in the works.) Part of the reason for secrecy is to prevent you from stressing over your trip. 

Getaway doesn’t even want you to have to shop: they’ll stash ingredients for meals for an extra fee. Book a spontaneous night or two, then return refreshed to your regular-size life.

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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Getaway
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