Samsung Gear 360 Camera

The newest way to capture your exploits in high-def, 360-degree video

Capture a fully immersive view of you rocketing down single track. (Samsung)
Photo: Samsung samsung

Regular action cam footage is so 2015. If you really want to capture the adventure, go for a 360-degree camera like this new one from Samsung.

Dubbed the Gear 360, the dust- and splash-resistant device uses two lenses—one up front, one behind—to capture a full panoramic view of you rocketing down singletrack or slashing pow in a steep couloir. All video is high-def (3840x1920) and it also captures 30-megapixel photos. 

Because the camera is made by Samsung, it pairs with compatible Samsung phones and the brand's tablet, which serves as viewfinder, controller, and editing platform. 


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