Homegrown Trailers

The most eco-friendly camper we’ve seen

The tiny house you can town behind your Subaru. (Homegrown Trailers)
Photo: Homegrown Trailers homegrown trailer

Yes, Homegrown Trailers are stunning. But they’re also way more environmentally friendly than your typical home on wheels. 

Each one is made from recycled plastics and sustainably harvested wood, and the composting toilet requires no chemicals. For energy, the trailers use a 400-watt solar panel and a lithium battery that will run for two days on one charge. You can also opt for an 800-watt setup with a five-day battery life. Inside, energy efficient lighting and energy-star appliances make the most of what you pull from the sun. And at just 2,000 pounds, you can tow it behind an Outback. 

The trailers go on sale this summer, but you can also rent before you buy. 

From $29,000, homegrowntrailers.com

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