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H20 Ninja Snorkelling Mask

A full-face snorkeling setup that lets you breathe from both your nose and mouth when underwater

Your inner ninja just got underwater access. (Photo: Mark Lohde)
Your inner ninja just got underwater access.

The best part of snorkeling? Getting up close and personal with sea life. The worst? Chewing on a piece of breathing plastic the whole time. 

That’s where the H20 Ninja Mask comes in. Rather than a goggles-plus-mouthpiece setup, the Ninja Mask is a large, clear mask that fits over your entire face and allows you to breathe normally through your nose and mouth and also take advantage of a wider field of vision. 

The getup should be comfy for up to 30-minute dives and the lenses are supposedly fog-free. 

From $145,


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Lead Photo: Mark Lohde
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