Noke U-Lock

Ditch your analog lock for this smart protection

Click a button on the lock and it senses an app on your phone via Bluetooth and immediately comes apart. (Courtesy of Noke)
Photo: Courtesy of Noke

You’ll never have to worry about losing your key with the new Noke U-Lock, which is controlled via smartphone.

Click a button on the lock and it'll sync with an app on your phone, then immediately open. You can also unlock the device via a programmable tap code (where you tap the lock) if your phone is dead or lost. The lock itself is made of hardened steel alloy. A loud, motion-activated alarm goes off if it senses someone has been jiggling the lock for more than three seconds and might be trying to steal your whip. You can tell the app to work with a friend’s phone, too. 

Funded on Indiegogo, the locks should start shipping in May.


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