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What Are the Best Beard Oils?

Your new, most important grooming product

Tame those whiskers. (Photo: Bearded Bastard)
Tame those whiskers.

Just like the hair on your head, the hair on your face needs proper care. Beard oils tame, moisturize, and soften your unruly scruff. Here are our five favorite products. 

Clyde Oak Beard Oil  ($12 )

(Photo: Clyde Oak)

Clyde Oak’s oil felt great on my skin: soothing but not overpowering or greasy. The dropper applicator is easy to use, and the price is right. But the smell is what really made this oil rise to the top for me. Some oils are overpowering. This one has a soothing, perfectly balanced cedar scent—a bit reminiscent of walking into a shed with freshly chopped wood. Present but never nauseating.

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Bearded Bastard Woodsman Beard Oil ($20) 

(Photo: Bearded Bastard)

This oil is for men with thick beards that need taming. It immediately brought my longish beard under control, thanks to a healthy dose of sweet almond oil. The smell, however, was a bit overwhelming. Stay away if you have a sensitive nose.

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Four Vices Beard Oil ($40)

(Photo: Beardbrand)

Like the Clyde Oak oil, Four Vices soothed my skin and tamed my beard, but once again stood out for its scent. Instead of cedar, this one uses a blend of tobacco, coffee, hops, and hemp to create a very old-school smell that takes you back to a 1970s dive bar.

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Smoky Mountain Beard Co. Bootlegger Beard Oil ($17)

(Photo: Smoky Mountain Beard Co.)

Bourbon and sandalwood put yet another spin on the earthly smells of the various beard oils. This one was the oiliest, which will annoy some men who steer clear of lotions and anything greasy on their skin, but it was great for getting my beard styled exactly how I wanted.

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BlackBird The Future Beard Oil ($38)

(Photo: Blackbird)

If your beard irritates your skin, this is your oil. Credit the large dose of argan oil, which is commonly used to soothe burns and treat acne. I used it to calm my skin after a day of windburn-inducing skiing and now keep it around for any cold-weather activities, even if I’m beardless.

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Lead Photo: Bearded Bastard

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