This Week in Video: April 15

Meet a man who crafts custom skis in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a couple that hit European roads in a classic VW, and a bunch of hippies that changed the course of the New River

Mike Parris, owner of Igneous Skis, left behind a career in robotics to add his personal touch to the ski industry. (WZRD)
Photo: WZRD

We scour the web each week to bring you the best outdoor videos we can find. Here are our top five picks of the week:  

Igneous Skis Are Built Just for You

As a robotics engineer at Carnegie Melon, Mike Parris developed technology used on the Mars rover expeditions. He later took his mechanical expertise and applied it to building custom skis with friends in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Now, Parris tailors around 100 pairs of skis each season to the individual needs and wants of customers, personalizing how each rider interfaces with the mountains and how people connect with his company, Igneous Skis. You can follow WZRD, the production company behind this video, on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

Take Two Minutes to Hit the Open Road (and Never Look Back)

When Marco Alonso and Ana Dominguez, the couple behind Soup Bowl Filmmaking, decided to hit the open road in a classic Volkswagon van, they knew what they were getting themselves into—an adventure that would make the rest of us jealous. Sure, they hit a few snags as they navigated through nine countries, but that's expected of life on the road. This video is part of our ongoing Weekly Escape series that aims to transport you from your desk to an incredible place in two minutes or less.

An Introduction to 'The Wild Ones'

This teaser is an introduction to The Wild Ones, a new series from filmmaker Logan Bockrath about people who left the comfort of more traditional paths for the unknowns of life on the river. Here, the founders of four whitewater rafting outfitters reminisce about the river run that ultimately gave rise to an industry and the energy that drove them to merge their companies to become Adventures on the Gorge, a resort located on very the edge of West Virginia's New River Gorge. You can follow Bockrath on Instagram here.

The First Episode of Redington's 'Find Your Water' Series Will Inspire You

In this first episode of Find Your Water: Season 2Redington and KGB Productions catch up with artist and avid fly angler Josh DeSmit while casting for dry fly-eating cutthroats. After deciding to pursue his art full time, DeSmit moved west to get away from life in the city and to surround himself with the inspiration of the mountains, the rivers, and the fish. As he says, "The trout, especially, are gorgeous, and their colors are wild. Like, a neon orange flash on a cutthroat's jaw doesn't really exist in too many other places in nature."

Watch Christian Haller Break a Snowboard World Record

We shared this video of Olympic gold medalist David Wise breaking the world record for highest ski air on a hip, and your jaw dropped (admit it). Now, we get to share with you this video of snowboarder Christian "Hitsch" Haller soaring to a staggering 11.3 meters above the coping to set a new world record for highest snowboard air on a hip. The records, both set during the Suzuki Nine Knights competition in Watles, Italy, prove that the event is pushing hip and transition riding forward, just as the organizers set out to do.

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