Adventure Dog of the Week

The only thing we love more than our own dogs? Seeing all of our readers’ prized adventure companions. So all summer, we’ll be featuring a running gallery of our favorite pups. Use #OutsideDogs2016, we'll pick the best shots, and continue adding them to this collection. Here, a few hand-picked, photogenic creatures to get the ball rolling.

Photo: @backcountry_bulldog: Toes on the nose.


@Mondosurfs: Celebrated this handsome guy's 2nd birthday today. He caught a couple sloppy waves, and chased birds.


@Samanthabrookephoto: My sunset view. #campingwithdogs


@Cloudship_ahs: High five with #bowiethedog.


@Thesaltynut: This is my favorite way to explore when we drop our anchor in these wild places. I am on crocodile watch as we wander through the labyrinth of waterways here in Cayo Quemado Guatemala.


@Kristenmohror: Damp vibes.

(@Kristenmohror) Blu knows how to take it all in.


@Campbellview: When you're tired after a long day of hiking and it's cold but dad forgot your jacket...


@knarles_gage: T A K E A P I C T U R E O F M E


@Go.wildly: Good news, I saw a dog today. Bad news, he's my dog and he smells like shit from being in the rain.


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