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A DIY boat made of paddleboards and hammocks

Turn your hammock into an adventure. (Photo: Hammocraft)

Behold the new ultimate party boat.

The Hammocraft is made with a lightweight aluminum frame that sits on inflatable paddleboards, allowing you to hammock your way down a river or across a lake. Bland Hoke and co-founder Bryan Carpenter started building these crafts almost two decades ago, but just recently decided to go commercial.  

The frame holds up to five hammocks, assembles with simple push-button connectors, folds up small enough to fit in a ski bag, and also works just fine on land. The hammocks hang from a slot-and-knot system that lets you adjust the height and disconnect easily in the event of a flip. Just note: Hammocraft makes just the frame, so you’ll need to source your own paddleboards and hammocks. 


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Lead Photo: Hammocraft
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