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What’s New Outside: April 29, 2016

IndefinitelyWild’s weekly roundup of new and interesting developments in the outdoors. This week: Grizzly Bears, lionfish, wolves, And Rhinos. Oh my.

Chris explores Vietnam's Hang En cave. (Chris Brinlee Jr.)

Welcome to IndefinitelyWild’s weekly roundup of news from the outdoors. What’s new outside?

What Wolves Mean to Hunters

Among the people who object to the reintroduction of wolves in the American West, some hunters worry that the predators may present too much competition for prey. That’s actually the opposite of fact, and I think those people are losing site of what hunting is really about: participating in and caring for our natural world. Of which wolves are a part. Montana’s Scott McMillion seems to agree, and has written a really solid essay on the subject

What a Grizzly Attack Looks Like

These are some of the most powerful (and graphic, be warned) photos of injuries caused by a grizzly attack I’ve ever seen. And the story is a good reminder that, while we can try to prepare for a bear encounter, sometimes there’s just no stopping one. It's like The Revenant, but without three hours of Leonard DiCaprio grunting. 

The Outdoor Recreation Industry’s GDP

Countering the wrongheaded, transparently evil attempt by Republican politicians to sell off your public lands to energy and mining interests, the outdoor recreation industry is preparing to go to war. One of the most powerful weapons in its arsenal is going to be the economic value derived from recreation on those public lands, which is estimated at $650 billion a year, or roughly one-third more than that of the auto industry. Now, the plan is to detail how that money helps local economies

In addition to hugs, Wiley also enjoys T-bone steaks. (Wes Siler)

Dogs Don’t Like to Be Hugged?

A new study claims that dogs become stressed out when humans hug them. Obviously they didn’t ask Wiley how he feels. 

Largest Lion Airlift Ever

A plane carrying 33 lions will fly from Peru to South Africa, moving the former circus animals from captivity to their natural habitats. Someone call Samuel L. Jackson, this needs to be a movie.

Swaziland to Sell Rhino Horn to Asia

Swaziland wants to sell off both its existing cache of rhino horn, and future “harvests” to Asian markets in a bid to raise money for conservation and to sate demand for the product that leads to poaching. The move potentially violates international law, and will have to be approved by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, but could potentially have some impact on illegal trade.

New Wolf Species “Discovered”

Well, "recategorized" may be a better description. The Himalayan wolf is now thought by scientists to be its own, distinct species, rather than just a subspecies of the gray wolf. Why does that matter? “There’s a lot more biodiversity than we thought there was,” according to one researcher. 

Laurel C. Allen spears a fat lionfish in the Caribbean. (Bart Shepherd)

Florida Now Has a Whole Day Devoted to Lionfish Removal

Invasive lionfish are becoming such a problem off the coast of Florida, that the state is now celebrating an official “Lionfish Awareness And Removal Day.” To celebrate, Floridians will be encouraged to take a break and go fishing. The man and and woman who catch the most will even be named “Florida Lionfish King and Queen.” Bet that will be a pretty picture. We wrote about the lionfish menace last year.

Before. We'll be installing a deck, bluestone patio, built-in bench/planters, welding more planters out of coreten, and even building a built-in outdoor kitchen complete with Big Green Egg. Want to read about some of the skills doing this stuff yourself takes? (Wes Siler)

The Most Dangerous Thing im the Office This Week

I’m about to spend the weekend building a deck, and installing a patio, planters, and built-in benches for a buddy in Brooklyn. The biggest element of danger should be derived from cutting the several hundred square feet of Ipe wood to size, then sanding it, thereby breathing toxic dust for two days. If that doesn't kill me, then the huge brisket I plan on smoking might. 

What You’ll Be Reading Next

Right now, I’m preparing to climb New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington, which has some of the most severe weather in the country. A couple days ago it was just 13 degrees up top, and I’ve been asked not to wear trail runners due to the icy conditions. I’m still going to wear trail runners. Meanwhile, Justin Coffey is in Puerto Rico investing in bonds, and doing some surfing. You’ll be reading about the best spots to do that, and have other adventures, next week. 

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