This Week in Video: May 6

Here's what you missed this week, including a look at a Gear of the Year winning bike in the 2016 Summer Buyer's Guide, a day in the life of a tiny home resident, and a climbing film that questions the risks of the sport

Climber Cheyne Lempe attempts first ascents on the towering big walls of Baffin Island in Canada. (Cheyne Lempe)
Photo: Cheyne Lempe

We scour the web each week to bring you the best outdoor videos we can find. Here are our top ten picks of the week:

2016 Gear of the Year: Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper FSR 6Fattie

At this year's bike test in Sedona, Arizona, we tested 36 mountain bikes, eight of which fell into the growing plus-size category. These bikes, with their wider tires, provide incredible traction and inspire confidence in riders of all abilities. Watch to find out why the 2016 Stumpjumper 6Fattie stands above the rest—and why it won Gear of the Year in the 2016 Summer Buyer's Guide. Riding footage and photos by Jen Judge. 

First Impressions: Our Favorite Commuter Backpacks

Spring weather means more bike commuting here at the Outside headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico. So we went on a hunt for the best all-weather backpacks that protect your gear while still looking sharp at the office. Watch to see our top picks for the daily commute.

'The Unofficial Guide to Wilderness Survival'

Ever wonder how people go from being couch potatoes to adventure junkies? The Unofficial Guide to Wilderness Survival by illustrator Carmel Gatchalian provides an amusing albeit brief look at the basics of getting outdoors and staying alive: don't forget to pack a water bottle, avoid 'casualty cave' on the map, and toss your empty beer can in a recycling bin lest you incur the wrath of Mother Nature. Watch, learn, and enjoy. You can follow Gatchalian on Facebook here and on Instagram here

The Guru Is Our Favorite Man on the Mountain

Forty years ago, Dave Powers bought a one-way plane ticket to Salt Lake City, destined to be a skier. Now, "Guru" Dave, or "the Goo," still hits the slopes at Snowbird Mountain Resort six days a week, averaging 130 days a year. For every day he skies, the Goo writes an unofficial snow report. His writing is entertaining and eccentric, embellished with terms that he coins (and that we hope will catch on). The filmmakers behind this video, part of The Locals Project, found the Goo with these directions—go say hi for us. You can follow The Locals Project on Facebook here and on Instagram here

A Rock Climbing Guide on Leading the Life You Want

In this episode of The Wild Ones, a new series from filmmaker Logan Bockrath and Adventures on the Gorge about people who left the comfort of more traditional paths for the unknowns of life on the river, we meet Kyle Kent. Kent was well on his way to becoming a pharmacist when he decided to instead go after what he truly enjoyed—rock climbing. By virtue of a coin toss, Kent wound up guiding in West Virgina (the flip side would have landed him in Yosemite, California), and he's been there ever since. You can follow Bockrath on Instagram here.

The Getaway House Is Everything a Weekend Escape Should Be

When we published this article about the tiny house of our dreams, we were clearly smitten. Then, we saw this video from the crew behind Bearwalk Cinema, and we were entirely overcome by what looks like the perfect day in the perfect place. From fresh cut firewood to a stocked fridge, Getaway covers all the bases in advance so that guests can focus solely on escaping the daily grind, which is exactly what the crew at Bearwalk experienced. The only work they endured? Trying to exhaust their energetic puppy—not included with the Getaway house. You can follow Bearwalk Cinema on Facebook here and on Instagram here

A Ugandan River Guide on Saving the Nile's Rapids

Juma Via Kalikwani is the director of operations for Nile River Explorers, a rafting company in Jinja, Uganda. Kalikwani became friends with the first rafters on the Victoria Nile as a young boy and worked his way up through the ranks of NRS to his current role. The river now faces a threat: the Isimba Dam, which is being built on the Nile. Of the three proposed dam heights, only one would spare the rapids and consequent rafting and tourism industry that Kalikwani and other local Ugandans depend on. In Juma of Itanda, this video from Tommy Penick, Kalikwani talks about what losing the rapids will mean to him. You can follow Penick on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

Meet Veteran Marty Pigue: the Highway Recycle Guy

Highway 62 in Southern California cuts across open desert with long stretches entirely devoid of services. Out there, there are few signs of human impact—except for the litter on the side of the road. At age 55, veteran Marty Pigue lives and works out there, picking up trash to protect the environment. Pigue chose this simple life in the desert after he left the service and traveled the entire country by bike. This short film from Open Valve Studios gives a brief look into Pigue's everyday routine. You can follow Open Valve Studios on Facebook here and on Instagram here

What It's Like to Kayak the Rio Nevado in Chile

Our new Play Now series highlights an epic POV clip so you can get in on the action even when you're stuck behind a desk. This week, kayaker Aeon Russo takes us to the lake district of Chile to run the Rio Nevado. Russo says the river dropped in right under 300 feet per mile, giving rise to a bevy of boofs and waterfalls. Naturally, Russo got dunked and caught it on camera. You can follow Russo on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

'Haywire': A Climbing Film

When Cheyne Lempe and Dave Allfrey set out to climb first ascents on the big walls of Baffin Island, they brought along a camera. They knew things would go wrong in the alpine wilderness. They prepared for potential polar bear encounters, blizzards, and bonking, but they didn't expect to capture one of the scariest moments of their lives on camera. Haywire, the resulting film from Mountain Heardwear and Lempe, brings into question the risks all athletes take for the sports they love—is it worth it?

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