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What's New Outside: May 6, 2016

IndefinitelyWild's weekly roundup of news from the outdoors. This week: More on Fort McMurray, the Federal Government's poop fetish, and the real reason Chris McCandless died

A hiker approaches southern California's Mt. Baldy. (Chris Brinlee Jr. )
Photo: Chris Brinlee Jr.

Welcome to IndefinitelyWild's weekly roundup of news from the outdoors. What's new outside this week?

Redrawing the World’s Maps

A few interesting, big picture ideas about the world’s future: “If the U.S., Canada, and Mexico unite their energy, water, agriculture, and labor resources, you create a continental empire that is more powerful than America is. I’ve not even mentioned the Arctic, which of course Canada controls half of, which is becoming a very strategic geography as the Arctic ice melts. Canada is going to potentially be the world’s largest food producer in 20-25 years as a result of climate change. And then there’s water. The southwestern United States is now in a perennial drought, and yet at the same time, perversely, is the site of the fastest growing population in the United States. So hydrological engineering may need to take place between Canada and the United States.”

Grizzly Bears Coming to California?

The bear state has no brown bears. Some people want to fix that. Personally, I relish the idea of encountering a grizz while hiking the High Sierra, but I don't imagine most people would feel the same. 

Syrian Refugees Aid Fort McMurray Refugees

Here’s another radical idea: if you’re nice to people, a lot of the time they’ll be nice to you back. Syrian refugees, who just settled in Canada this year, are volunteering aid for victims of the Fort McMurray wildfire

How the Fort McMurray Evacuation Worked

It’s now the biggest natural disaster (by cost) in Canadian history and the biggest evacuation too. But all 88,000-plus people made it out alive, with the exception of one fatality due to a car accident. How?

What Happens When Public Lands Are Sold?

Why is the Republican Party’s Koch Industries-backed plan to sell off your public lands bad? Well, if Idaho’s track record is anything to go by, it’s because you’ll lose all access to them

Tons and Tons of Dead Sea Animals Are Clogging Chile's Beaches

Hundreds of whales, 40,000-plus tons of salmon, 8,000 tons of sardines, and more are washing up dead on Chile’s 2,485 miles of Pacific coast. Why? Blame El Nino. 

Have a hail problem? this thing inflates like a giant pillow, providing all-over protection for your car or truck. (Hail Protector)

Inflatable Hail Protector for Cars

This is genius if you live in a place that’s prone to hail but are stuck parking outside. 

Uncle Sam Needs You (to Collect Coyote Poop)

Do you live in the Los Angeles area? Do you love poop? Well, we’ve got the job for you. Researchers are calling for the public’s help in conducting a huge survey of coyote diets. We’ve got money that they’re 90 percent composed of pomeranians. 

How Chris McCandless Really Died

Jon Krakauer thinks he’s finally solved the mystery of how Into The Wild’s Chris McCandless really died. The cause? “Highly toxic secondary plant constituent.” We promise the insane level of research it took to reach that conclusion makes fascinating reading. 

Powered by a Bosch motor and Bosch battery, the German Haibike Xduro nevertheless feels slower than Specialized's latest offerings. (Wes Siler)

The Most Dangerous Thing in the Office this Week

The electric drive on this Haibike XDuro isn’t nearly as well integrated, nor as powerful, as that of the 2016 Specialized Turbo S, but its bottom bracket-mounted motor allows the fitment of really, really good enduro suspension. Goodbye exhausting hill climbs, hello better trail access for people who can’t afford to ride every single day. 

What You’ll Be Reading about Next

Chris, our photographer, is in India. Our pilot friend Travis is testing the new Icon A5 personal amphibious plane, and I’m packing for New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington. You’ll be reading about most of that next week. 

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