Merrell All Out Crush Light Shoes 

For burly trail kicks, these are surpris­ingly light, thanks to an airy mesh upper and zero bells and whistles. Five-millimeter lugs and a thick toe cap offer protection in rough stuff, but we flew along buffed-out forest roads, too. 

Price $90 

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Tracksmith Harrier Tank 

This top, made from silky merino wool and cut like a vintage gym tee, works just as well for intervals as it does with jeans. Break it out on the hottest days and enjoy the breeze. 

Price $65 

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Bkr Madly 250-ml Bottle 

We wouldn’t run with it, but Bkr’s teeny glass bottle is perfect for stashing in your car for post-workout hydration. Plus, it’s as cute as a button and comes in a bunch of colors. 

Price $28

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(The North Face)

The North Face Ultra Lite WP Jacket 

Yes, it looks dorky, but this nylon layer is perfect for warm, rainy runs. It’s significantly cooler than a normal shell and won’t make you feel like you’re engulfed in a garbage bag. 

Price $150 

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CW-X StabilyX Ventilator Shorts 

A wide panel of supportive Lycra at the waist and webbing along the sides make for shorts that steady hips while aligning muscles and ligaments. For us, that translated to less fatigue after big-mileage days. 

Price $80

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Brooks SureShot Racer Bra 

Sports bras are tricky to get right. Too loose and you don’t get enough support. Too tight and you feel like you’re wearing a corset. The SureShot, with its soft poly-spandex blend, is the Goldilocks of bounce prevention. 

Price $38 

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Lululemon Athletica Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt

Long sleeves in summer? Heck yes. This seamless, mesh-back top kept the sun off and pulled double duty as a warm layer when the wind picked up.

Price $68 

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(Smartwool )

Smartwool PhD Run Light Elite Low Cut Socks 

A little extra cushion in the ball and heel of these merino-blend wool socks takes the bite out of pounding pavement. Seamless toes reduce the threat of blisters—key on hot runs. 

Price $18 

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(Craft Sportswear)

Craft Sportswear Focus 2-in-1 Shorts 

Say goodbye to chafing with these double-duty bottoms, which integrate stretchy tights under thin poly-blend shorts. Nice touch: reflective hits woven throughout add visibility.

Price $50 

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The Best Road Running Shoes of 2016

This is the year of maximum cushioning, with major brands far and wide trotting out brick-thick models. Sure, fat shoes are luxuriously comfortable, inviting higher-impact runners and recovering athletes to land on dreamy pillows of puff. But every pitch has its catch. And while deep cushioning spares your legs, it also slows you down, sucking energy from every step. Corpulent kicks also tend to be much pricier. And even moderately fat shoes must strike a balance between cushion and efficiency, although the very best deliver on each of those fronts. We picked seven that represent the apogee of both persuasions,

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The Best Trail Running Shoes of 2016

It begins, as it must, with fit. Nothing matters more when picking a running shoe. Unlike a road shoe, a trail runner needs to lock your foot securely against the footbed, so there is no slipping forward on downhills or squirreliness over rocks. Next decision: Thick sole or thin? A svelte, close-to-the-dirt shoe will be nimbler and less prone to rolling, but your feet and legs will pay the price when the miles stretch on. Finally, think about cushioning. A firmer, more responsive shoe will be faster and more supportive, and offer great protection, but soft foam saves legs, especially

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The Best Women's Running Shoes of 2016

From road to trail and back again.  (Skechers) Skechers Gorun 4 This soft, low runner has a stretchy knit upper and a vibe that’s so slipperlike, you’ll be tempted to ditch your socks. (The shoe was designed for it.) Given the lack of structure and floppy heel cup, the fit is easygoing, if a bit less secure than the other roadies on this page. Think of it as a minimalist trainer for midfoot strikers who want more smoosh than slap. 4 mm drop Price $105 Weight 5.2 oz Buy Now    (Mizuno) Mizuno Wave Catalyst We can’t figure out if the brand-new Catalyst

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The Trail Running Essentials of 2016

(The North Face) The North Face Runners Hat  Trucker hats block sun and look rad. The North Face took it a step further, adding a mesh sweatband around the rim to keep sunscreen out of your eyes. Price $30 Buy Now (Nathan) Nathan ExoShot Bottle  By pairing a soft flask with an internal spine, Nathan made a 12-ounce bottle that doesn’t feel like a jellyfish. The insulated sleeve adds grip and has a pocket big enough to hold a Patagonia Provisions bar (below).  Price $35 Buy Now (Hilly) Hilly Twin Skin Anklet Socks The wrong socks can destroy a run. These anklets have two layers of

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