Step one: toss those saggy sweats. 


Fjällräven Gear Duffel 

Your gym bag should be organized, well ­appointed, and just big enough for everything you need. This 23-liter duffel delivers, and it includes an internal zip pocket to hold the small stuff. 

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(Ten Thousand)

Ten Thousand Foundation Shirt

Ten Thousand eschews loud and gimmicky in favor of high quality and understated design. The proof is in the detailing, like the sleek underarm vents and tailored fit. 

Price $48 

(Beats by Dr. Dre)

Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats2 Wireless Earphones

The well-rounded sound and bounce-­limiting ear hooks helped motivate us through grueling weight sessions. And six hours of battery life kept them bumping long after we’d left the gym.

Price $200 

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Brooks City Chariot Shoes 

Two years ago, Brooks resurrected its classic Chariot running shoe. Now the company expands the offering with designs inspired by iconic skylines. (Favorites: New York and Sydney.) The Chariot isn’t a burly, overbuilt trainer. We even found ourselves wearing it to the office and on recovery days.

Price $90 

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Vuori Balboa Sweatpants

Who says workout pants have to wear like a badly pitched tent? The Balboa is made from stretchy French terry cotton and fits like a pair of relaxed slacks. 

Price $84

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Everlast F.I.T. Weighted Jump Rope

You won’t find a better burn for the time or money than jumping rope. This beauty comes with weighted handles and precision bearings for smoother rotation. 

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Lululemon Evolution Shirt 

The soft poly-Lycra blend in the Evolution resists wrinkles, silver-treated threads reduce body odor, and the cut is athletic but not skintight. 

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Smartwool Men’s NTS Micro 150 Boxer-Briefs 

These merino-wool unders wick sweat, are plenty breathable, and fight stink. And that’s all you need, really. 

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Spyder Thasos Windbreaker 

It packs down to the size of a softball and offers plenty of protection when you need it, thanks to a durable water-resistant coating, an oversize hood, and wrist cuffs.

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The Best Wearable Tech of 2016

If 2015 was the year wearables took off, 2016 is the year they reach cruising altitude. Products are rapidly evolving. Build, design, and battery life have improved. Thankfully, prices are coming down at the same time—all the gadgets included here offer more and better data analysis for your money than what was available last year. Choosing which one is right for you begins with deciding what you want to track—day to day stats or professional-caliber metrics?—and knowing how finely you want to sift your data. Just remember: a wearable won’t change everything. The very best of the category complement your

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The Grooming Essentials of 2016

Personal care essentials for before and after your workout.  (Jack Black) Jack Black Dry Down Friction-Free Powder  Dust this on prior to exercising and the mix of friction-busting silica, moisture-absorbent cornstarch, antimicrobial zinc oxide, and soothing plant extracts will help keep skin smooth and dry.  Price $20 Buy Now (The Konjac Sponge Company) Konjac Sponge Company Exfoliating Loofah  This biodegradable scrubber is made from skin-coddling plant fibers, and bamboo charcoal deters microbe growth. Toss it in with the compost at the end of its three-month life span.  Price $21 Buy Now (Sun Bum) Sun Bum Beach Formula 3 in 1 Leave

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The Best Headphones of 2016

Let the music play, wherever your workout takes you. (Gibson) Gibson Trainer  The most visible attribute on the Trainer is the stabilizing second headband. And while it does help a little when running, what sold us were all the other features: an LED that alerts after-dusk drivers to your presence, ten hours of battery life, and a muting button for when you need to hear the world around you.   ​Price $250 Buy Now (Optoma) Optoma NuForce BE6 Optoma’s cylinder-shaped monitors have always been good for everyday use—they’re lighter than they look and sit firmly in your ear canals. Now,

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The Best Energy Food of 2016

Snacks to keep the engine running all day. (Bogg's) Bogg’s Trail Butter Nutrient-dense peanut butter, nuts, dried fruit, and honey give Trail Butter its punch. Tuck a few packets into a jacket pocket for a creamy pick-me-up on long off-road journeys.  Price $11 for 6 Buy Now (Taos Mountain Energy Bar) Taos Mountain Energy Bar The toasted coconut bar from Taos Mountain combines non-GMO almonds, coconut, honey, and sea salt for a tasty treat. Bonus points for the chewy, cookie-like texture.  Price $35 for 12 Buy Now (ProBar) ProBar Base Ditch the morning java for the ProBar Base, which packs 55

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