This Week in Video: May 13

Here's what you missed this week, including introductions to the most inspiring man on the PCT, an amazing adventure dad, and an eleven-year #vanlife hacker

Henry Colquhoun takes a break during his two-week trek through the Nepalese wilderness. (Douglas Colquhoun )
Photo: Douglas Colquhoun

We scour the web each week to bring you the best outdoor videos we can find. Here are our top ten picks of the week:

Hiker with Cerebral Palsy Completes the Pacific Crest Trail

"On that first day, as the temperatures rose, I quickly realized the next 139 days would test my resolve. I knew I'd face resistance along the way, but over the years, I've grown accustomed to opposition." Wesley Trimble was born with a mild form of cerebral palsy that affected the motor control on the right half of his body, but he refused to let that diagnosis define his life as evidenced by his decision to hike more than 2,600 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. In this video, Trimble takes us with him from Mexico to Canada, facing the challenges of the trail and appreciating every moment. 

This Is Our Favorite Father/Son Adventure Video

Aaron Eveland wants to encourage his kids to enjoy and preserve the outdoors, and this home video proves that he's doing an incredible job of it. Eveland took his son Duke Danger (yes, that's his legal middle name) dirtbag camping on a small rock island off the coast of Hawaii. After kayaking there, their adventures ran the gamut from plunging into the Pacific to swimming with sharks. As Eveland told us, "When the shark swam below us, thankfully, his attitude was of great excitement rather than fear. I was a little nervous having a shark swim directly below us, but kept the stoke high." You can follow Eveland's work on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

The Perfect Colorado Camping Trip Packed Into Two Minutes

Last July, filmmaker Jake Strassman and his impressively mustached friend Travis Halverson took off on a midsummer's camping trip in the Gore Range of Colorado. In this video from Strassman, they soak in the iconic scenery of the Centennial State, from rugged peaks to alpine lakes and streams, while enduring the constantly changing mountain weather, which resulted in a cloudy summit. As Strassman told us, "Not every summit reveals its vistas for those who earn it." You can follow Strassman on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

#VanLife Never Looked Better Than This Sprinter Conversion

Cyrus Sutton is known as an Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker. To us, Sutton is revered as a pro #vanlife dweller and hacker, splitting the past eleven years between his van and his Washington homestead. For his life on the road, Sutton recently converted a Sprinter van into one hell of an adventure vehicle. Our favorite features in this conversion include his DIY hammock mount and desk, vertical gear racks, and a fold-up bed complete with a whiteboard and corkboard on the underside, both of which are crucial to his creative work. Next, Sutton plans on installing a compact wood stove, the icing on this enviable #vanlife. You can follow Sutton on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

These Young People Are Reviving the Dying Farm Culture

In the summer of 2015, photographer Eva Verbeeck and filmmaker Spencer MacDonald set out on a journey through the Pacific Northwest to document the lives of first-generation farmers who run small-scale organic farms. With the average age of farmers in North America quickly approaching 60-years-old, Verbeeck and MacDonald sought to understand the impact that the aging population will have on our food system—through the eyes of the few young farmers taking up the work. In the resulting short doc, Age of the Farmer, young people share why they are pursuing this lifestyle. You can follow MacDonald on Instagram here.

The Second Episode of Redington's 'Find Your Water' Series

In this second episode of Find Your Water: Season 2Redington and KGB Productions introduce us to Brent and Ashley Hodges, who own and operate a successful fly shop and guide service near Canyon Lake, Texas. From chasing trout on the Guadalupe River, to kayaking the Devils River in search of bass, to scouring the coastal waters for trophy redfish, the Hodges know the best fishing spots in the Texas Hill Country. Follow along as they get away from it all by going fishing—just the two of them.

'Unacceptable Risk': Firefighters on the Front Line of Climate Change

Unacceptable Risk, a documentary from The Story Group, follows four seasoned firefighters responding to record-breaking fires in Colorado. According to the firefighters, human-caused climate change is bringing higher temperatures, drier fuels, and more diseases to the forests, which increases the possibility of wildfires and the consequent risks that the people on the front line face. Over the past two decades, career firefighter Don Whittemore has braved many of Colorado’s historic fires. As Whittemore says here, “On a day-to-day basis, we’re being surprised. And in this business, surprise is what kills people.” You can follow more about the documentary on Facebook here.

An Ultrarunner Has One Hundred Miles of Thoughts

"I guess running has given me time—time away from work and city living. Time to think. You know, I'll have a hundred miles of thoughts about anything and everything really." In Running Blind, this video from Robot Creative Love, ultrarunner Alistair Gray opens up about the things that motivate him while training for the West Highland Way, a 96-mile race in the North West Highlands of Scotland. Inspired by his aunt, Gray is running to raise awareness about the RNIB, which supports people with sight loss. You can follow Robot Love Creative on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

Two Brothers Trek the Breathtaking Numbur Cheese Circuit in Nepal

In September 2014, two pairs of brothers flew to Darwin, Australia, bought a 1984 Toyota Hiace campervan, and embarked on a year-long adventure through eight countries (they shipped the van multiple times). They called themselves the Van of Brothers. In Nepal, two of the brothers, Henry and Douglas Colquhoun, trekked the Numbur Cheese Circuit as Henry's last adventure before flying home. In this video about their two-week trek, Doug says, "We admired views that reduced our vocabulary to a single word." We'll go with "woah". You can follow Van of Brothers on Facebook here.

Skiing One Last Run in Vermont (Because Letting Go Is Hard)

As winter turns to spring and snow turns to water, ski mountains are going quiet and closing for the season. On April 29, Dan Hacker busted out his skis for one last run in the green mountains of Vermont. Given that the lifts stopped running a while back, Hacker made an early morning hike to the summit, which provided a sad vista of the remaining snow. Follow along with Hacker's farewell to winter in this short video from Scott Goergen of Penshire Media. You can follow Goergen on Instagram here and on Twitter here.

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