This Week in Video: May 20

Here's what you missed this week, including a review of the Electric’s Knoxville-S sunglasses, rare footage of the rock climbing legends, and a face-to-face encounter with a polar bear

Adventure filmmaker Jen Randall hikes with her father along the east coast of Scotland. (Jen Randall)

We scour the web each week to bring you the best outdoor videos we can find. Here are our top ten picks of the week:

First Impressions: Electric Knoxville-S Sunglasses

We see a lot of sunglasses here at the Outside office, but Electric’s Knoxville-S sunglasses stand out from the rest. Watch to find out what our online gear editor Jakob Schiller loves about these lightweight performance frames. 

Testing the Yeti SB5.5c in New Zealand

In New Zealand. Proven Here., the latest film from Yeti Cycles and Joey Schusler, Yeti World Enduro riders Richie Rude and Cody Kelley travel throughout the South Island to test the SB5.5c. From the fast, rugged conditions in Queenstown and Mount Cook to the mud and gnarled roots of the beech forests in Craigieburn, the riders took on the awe-inspiring mountain bike playground that is New Zealand. You can follow Schusler on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

A New Doc About Rock Climbing's Legends (Featuring Rare Footage)

In this trailer for the new film Brave New Wild, filmmaker Oakley Anderson-Moore traces the golden age of climbing on a quest to understand more about her father, a pioneering dirtbag from the era. From the delinquent antics of the Vulgarians in the Gunks, the rivalry of Yosemite’s rock gods, and the freight train hopping behind her dad’s climbing life, this homegrown film featuring Royal Robbins, Warren Harding, John Gill, and Mark Moore is sure to spark your sense of adventure. You can follow the film on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

John Muir's Words Still Inspire Us

Director Michael Coleman grew up in Martinez, California, where John Muir also resided. Long inspired by Muir, our favorite and easily the most famous naturalist, Coleman created this short nature film to celebrate Muir's birthday this past April. Many of the locations featured in the film are authentic to Muir's life, including his home in Martinez and Muir Woods National Monument just north of San Francisco, California, and the narration is a collection of inspiring Muir quotes. You can follow Coleman on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

What It's Like to Encounter a Polar Bear Face-to-Face in Greenland

Filmmaker Matt Hardy and his teammates from The Coldhouse Collective are accustomed to encountering the unexpected while working in remote locations. On a recent trip to Greenland, they experienced a rude awakening when a polar bear attempted to enter the Sydcap Hut, where they were camped out for a Berghaus shoot. In this video, the crew describes their encounter with the inquisitive polar bear. As they told us, "Matt played it cool, though, and being from Dorset, England, reacted in 'proper' Dorset style." You can follow Coldhouse Collective on Facebook here.

Watch: Mesmerizing Aerial Footage of Europe

In our ongoing series called Weekly Escape, we aim to transport you from your desk to an incredible place in 2 minutes or less. This week, we head to Europe with Vadim Sherbakok, who taught himself how to shoot aerial photos and videos with a drone over the course of four months while traveling from Scotland to Russia. Sherbakok returned home with more than 140 gigabytes of aerial footage, which he used to compile this breathtaking video, In the Air. You can follow Sherbakok on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

This Kid's Unicycling Club in Austin, Texas, Brings Balance Into Play

Uni-Saders is a short documentary from filmmaker Trey Vollmer about a children's unicycling club based in Austin, Texas. Founded by Jimmy Agner in 2007, the club kicked off with seven second grade students and has grown to become one of the largest school-based unicycle clubs in the United States. Now, the Uni-Saders club invites children of all ages to learn how to ride a unicycle, encouraging them to play and grow together in a unique way. As ten-year-old Katelyn says, "Whenever I'm on a unicycle I feel free. I feel brave. I feel a ton of things." You can follow the Uni-Saders on Facebook here

How to Save Atlantic Salmon Fishing in Canada

For more than 30 years, Reynold Sexton has managed a fly fishing camp on the Grande Cascapédia River and managed his fly shop, Sexton & Sexton. Given his experience, Sexton is considered a pioneer in the Atlantic salmon fishing industry, and he shares an important message for the future generation of anglers in this short film: “If we don’t release, and we don’t work together, there will be nothing left for the kids.” This film is a part of the People We Met series from Hooké.

Mountain Biker Crashes on Dakota Ridge Trail in Denver, Colorado

Dakota Ridge trail boasts some of the most technical mountain biking terrain in the Denver, Colorado, metro area. Locals Matt Silton and his friend Russell Gray headed to Dakota Ridge for Silton's first ride of the season, which proved to be a painful one at that. In this video captured by Gray, Silton flips over his handlebars on a drop—a crash that truly made us cringe. Luckily, Silton walked away with only a few cuts and bruises and took on Utah's Ahab, Porcupine, and Slickrock trails only a few days later. You can follow Silton on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

How Hiking with Dad Shaped this Adventure Filmmaker's Life

Where Walking Took Me is an intimate reflection on filmmaker Jen Randall's adventures with her dad as a child and how these experiences shaped her adult life. Commissioned by the British Mountaineering Council's BMC TV and created by Light Shed Pictures, the film was shot on the east coast of Scotland, where Randall and her dad had one of their first hikes, about which Randall says, "And when we got back down, I just remember my whole world looked different. Like I'd been let in on a secret. You know, there was this whole other world. There was the outdoors. There was the wilderness." You can follow Light Shed Pictures on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

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