The Best National Parks Posters

A new generation of classic national parks posters are frame-worthy

Hang your favorite national parks on your wall. (Photo: Doug Leen/Rob Decker)
Hang your favorite national parks on your wall.

In the 1930s and 1940s, the Works Projects Administration commissioned iconic posters of 14 national parks. You can’t afford the originals, but a new generation of artists have been inspired by the classics. 

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Go Retro

(Photo: Rob Decker)

Rob Decker studied under Ansel Adams and in 1980 began taking his own composite photography of the parks. He adds WPA-style effects to give his versions a vintage look. $30

Practical, Too!

(Photo: Muir Way)

Jared Prince has been scanning and retouching original USGS maps of 17 parks since 2014. They’re antique looking but have a richer color palette. $59

The New WPA

(Photo: Tracy Nguyen)

In 2014, Max Slavkin and Aaron Perry-Zucker partnered with the National Parks Conservation Association to commission new posters via the See America Project. $25

Authenticity Is Everything

(Photo: Doug Leen)

A company called Ranger Doug has been silkscreening reproductions from the original templates since 1993. $40

From Outside Magazine, May 2016
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Lead Photo: Doug Leen/Rob Decker