Custom 1995 Range Rover Conversion

Part SUV, part military transport

Our new favorite open-air, off-road machine. (Courtesy of Bring A Trailer)
Photo: Courtesy of Bring A Trailer

With a few smart modifications, someone converted a boring 1995 five-door Range Rover into our new favorite open-air, off-road machine.

They replaced the rear roof and windows with a modular roll cage and roll-up soft-top. They also welded the rear doors shut, then ground the welds smooth to create a two-door longbed. Instead of regular backseats, the car now features troop-carrier jump seats. Under the hood, the car got an upgraded 4.8-liver V8 and Old Man Emu suspension. 

The crazy part? The modifications reportedly cost close to $65,000, but one lucky buyer just got this car at auction for a third of that. 


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