This Week in Video: May 27

Here's what you missed this week, including a stunning journey through Badlands National Park, a snapshot of Nepal one year after the earthquake, and a peek inside the ridiculously rad GoPro Athlete Summit

After recovering from injury and illness, alpinist Emily Ward became the soul of true grit. (Light Shed Pictures)

We scour the web each week to bring you the best outdoor videos we can find. Here are our top ten picks of the week:

What Happens When You Round Up 76 Top Pros at the GoPro Athlete Summit

Round up 76 GoPro athletes, fly them to the Gold Coast of Australia, and toss in every piece of enviable gear you can think of—V8 supercars, jetpacks, surfboards—and you've got the 2016 GoPro Athlete Summit. After mastering ISO settings and innovative mounts, the athletes were unleashed to take on new adventures with GoPros in tow. Outside caught up with pro skier Lynsey Dyer to talk about what she calls one of her best days ever.

Dan Mirsky on His New Film 'The Width of Life'

We sat down with climber and filmmaker Dan Mirsky at 5point Adventure Film Festival to talk about his latest film, The Width of Life. He discusses what motivated him to tell the story of Dave Pegg, a staple of the Colorado climbing community who tragically took his own life in 2014. You can watch the full film here.

The Best MTB Weekend Trip on the North Coast of California

No Reception is a short film from the folks at Taylor Stitch and Mission Workshop about a mountain biking adventure on the North Coast of California. Originally, the purpose of the trip was to test new gear designed collaboratively by the two brands, but it turned out to be much more than a boring weekend filled with work. With access to a 1985 Volkswagen Doka, five bikes, a hundred beers, and two surfboards, the crew had an adventure for the books. You can follow Taylor Stitch on Instagram here and Mission Workshop here.

Badlands National Park Is Impressively Beautiful

The latest film from More Than Just Parks takes us to Badlands National Park, which is nestled in the heart of the Northern Great Plains of South Dakota. The film crew kicked off the journey on the Sage Creek side of the park and then spent several weeks hiking, camping, and backpacking throughout the park. Badlands is renowned as the largest undisturbed mixed grass prairie in the United States, where impressive herds of bison roam and rock towers rise in dazzling formations.

This Couple Travels the World in a Toyota Pickup

Ashley and Richard Giordano are behind Desk to Glory, an overland trip that the couple pursued in the usual fashion. In the fall of 2013, they quit their jobs, sold their belongings on Craigslist, rented their condo, and hit the road in a Toyota pickup. When a hiatus in their trip landed them back in Vancouver for work, they quickly realized that the truck had become home. The team behind Koyo Photography caught up with the couple to find out why. You can follow Koyo Photography on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

'Harvesting Liberty' Extended Trailer

On July 4th, 2014, U.S. Veteran Michael Lewis flew an American flag at the Capital made of hemp grown on his farm in Kentucky, symbolizing the key role industrial hemp has played in the founding of our country. Federal law currently denies American farmers the right to grow the crop in U.S. soil—this film is working to change that reality. Directed by Dan Malloy and produced in partnership with Fibershed and The Growing Warriors ProjectHarvesting Liberty aims to educate society on the immense potential industrial hemp holds for food, feed, fiber, fuel, and families in the United States. You can watch full film from Patagonia here.

A Female Alpinist on Why Cancer Made Her Climb Better Than Ever

Patience is a short film from Light Shed Pictures that profiles no-nonsense alpinist Emily Ward, who has experienced a slew of injuries and illness. Diagnosed with breast cancer in her early twenties, Ward refused to allow her surgeries and treatments to keep her from climbing. Instead, she trained harder, determined to be a better climber than before the diagnosis. While Ward is still in and out of the hospital, she constantly sets her sights on new climbing projects. This film was commissioned by the British Mountaineering Council's BMC TV. You can follow Light Shed Pictures on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

Training for the SCOTT Enduro Cup in Moab with a Race Winner

"I think your average Joe can identify with these videos and actually go out and do this. Not everyone can do a back flip, or jump off cliffs—this is attainable riding for most." That's the thinking behind pro mountain biker Nate Hills' weekly video series called #FollowCamFriday. In this installment, Hills follows fellow racer Alex Petitdemange on a practice run for the SCOTT Enduro Cup in Moab, Utah. Hills later won the second stage of the event despite crashing, which resulted in nine stitches and paying for the medical bills with the prize money. You can follow Hills on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

An Inspiring Look at Nepal One Year After the Earthquake

Nepal Now is a short documentary from Kayla Robertson and Max Greenstein, the adventure duo behind Matter Studio, about their time traveling in the country more than a year after the 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck the region. This snapshot features locals' take on their homeland as they continue to rebuild and redefine it in the wake of devastation. You can follow Matter Studio on Facebook here and on Instagram here

The Rugged Beauty of the Canadian Rockies Is Second to None

This video from the folks at Wilderness Culture and Ironclad Media, in partnership with Travel Alberta, highlights their travel adventures from Banff National Park to Jasper National Park via the Icefields Parkway. The piece includes shots of Moraine Lake at the base of the Valley of Ten Peaks, glacial-fed Athabasca Falls, and a stunning sunrise over Mount Rundle. The film was created "to inspire people to step into the unknown, live in the moment, and enjoy the surroundings." You can follow Wilderness Culture on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

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