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The Perfect Hikers: La Sportiva's Core High GTX® Boots

Hamilton’s footwear of choice needed to be lightweight, grippy, waterproof, and breathable

(Julia Vandenoever)
Photo: Julia Vandenoever Andrew Hamilton

Hamilton spent a long time looking for the perfect boot for the task. In the end, he settled on La Sportiva's Core High GTX® Boots. "Even light hiking boots are too heavy for an attempt like this,” says Hamilton. “I planned on wearing a pair of light running shoes for part of the time, but it was too wet and rainy, so I wore these ultralight waterproof boots. My buddy Kyle told me about them. He had heard about the new
GORE-TEX® SURROUND® product technology and thought the enhanced breathability through both the top and bottom would help keep my feet dry and comfortable... even in warm weather.”