This Week in Video: June 24

Here's what you missed this week, including an inside look at our Summer Buyer’s Guide, our first impression of the Firebelly trail quilt from Kammok, and a slow motion skydiving video

Skydiver Jesse 'Tex' Leos jumps from 15,000 feet and experiences about 50 seconds of free fall. (Round III)

We scour the web each week to bring you the best outdoor videos we can find. Here are our top picks of the week:

An Inside Look at the Summer Buyer's Guide

Our 2016 Summer Buyer’s Guide is loaded with the best new gear for your upcoming summer adventures. From stand-up paddle boards to fully wired tents, this issue has you covered. Watch to get an inside look at how we make this magazine.

First Impressions: Kammok Firebelly Trail Quilt

The Firebelly trail quilt from Kammok is versatility defined. The traditional bed quilt transforms into a sleeping bag thanks to drawcords that create a cozy foot box and snaps that keep you snug. Watch to find out why Outside's online gear editor Jakob Schiller plans on using this lightweight quilt everywhere he goes this summer.

Meet the Surfing Kings of Montana's Rivers

The Clark Fork River runs through downtown Missoula, Montana. Luke Rieker, owner of Strongwater, remembers when the stretch of river was dangerous, harboring the likes of exposed rebar from broken concrete blocks. In 2006, the community came together to clean the water, effectively clearing the way for Montana's surf culture to thrive. In Jordan Halland's short film Strong Water, Rieker and co-owner Kevin Brown talk about the early days of riding waves on the Clark Fork River and how they're redefining surf culture in mountain towns. You can follow Halland on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

Fell Running in Iceland Looks Terrifyingly Fun

Down is the fifth episode of Season 5 of Salomon Running TV and follows British fell runners Ricky Lightfoot and Tom Owens as they search for the perfect downhill in Iceland. While running uphill has its challenges, charging down a trail is often harder. It requires complete abandon of fear—let go and embrace the inevitable fall. The episode is produced by The African Attachment. You can follow them on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

The Silence in the American West Speaks to the Soul

"To be the only human around for miles, surrounded by trillions of stars, riding through the desert on a dark road when everything is static except your movement through the void." That's the thinking that inspired The Silence, this beautiful short film from Matthew Irving about the silence found in the American West—the narration speaks to our souls as much as the quiet in those wild places. You can follow Irving on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

Snowboard, Climb, Bike, and Surf in This Epic Dream Day

This May, CLIF Bar brought together four athletes to take on a challenge—snowboard, climb, bike, and surf in a single day. Snowboarder Jeremy Jones, mountaineer Hilaree O’Neil, mountain biker Matt Hunter, and big wave surfer Greg Long teamed up and each led a different leg of the journey. The film captures the challenges, successes, and humorous moments of the adventure. The resulting film, Dream Day, is about taking advantage of your surroundings and trying something new, all the while having an epic adventure with a group of friends. You can follow CLIF Bar on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

A Beautiful Look at the Life of an Adventure Photographer

"I want one sunbeam coming out of crazy clouds the second after the rainstorm has passed," says photographer Lars Schneider in this beautiful short film produced in collaboration with Peter Bender. Schneider lives with his family in Hamburg, Germany, but for half the year he travels around the world on assignment, searching for stunning landscapes and unique backgrounds (like a single sunbeam after a storm). Follow along as he works in Faroe Islands and opens up about the pros and cons of his work. You can follow Schneider on Facebook here and on Instagram here

The Case for Traveling the World with Two Cameras

In our ongoing Weekly Escape series, we aim to transport you from your desk to an incredible place in 2 minutes or less. This week we travel to Southeast Asia with Zacharie Turgeon. While packing for his trip, Turgeon weighed the likelihood of breaking his cameras while traveling. He took the chance and packed them both. Even though he broke one along the way, he says it was worth it for the mix of analog and digital images that he brought home and shares in this incredible edit. You can follow Turgeon on Instagram here.

50 Seconds of Free-Falling in Slow Motion

In 2015, filmmakers Ben Hamner and AJ Aguirre of Round III set out to film the ultimate series of action adventure videos with some of their closest friends. During the process, they got into skydiving and have since teamed up with some the best flyers in Texas. This particular video was shot by camera flyer Nick Lott and the flyer featured in the video is crew member Jesse 'Tex' Leos. They jumped at Skydive Spaceland in Houston from 15,000 feet and had about 50 seconds of free fall. You can follow Round III on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

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