Amanda Loudin

Amanda Loudin

Amanda Loudin is a Maryland-based freelance writer who loves to share the trails with two- and four-legged friends whenever possible. Find her on Twitter: @misszippy1

The Crusader Protecting Kid Athletes from Sex Abuse

Over the past three decades, Nancy Hogshead-Makar has established a reputation as the leading attorney and champion for young athletes filing sex-abuse lawsuits. Now the former Olympic swimmer faces...

Why Olympic Skaters Move from Wheels to IceĀ 

In January, 25-year-old Erin Jackson became the first African-American woman to make a U.S. Olympic team in long-track speedskating. And she did it just a year after strapping on her first pair of...

The Quest to Find Non-Opioid Pain Relief

Nearly two million Americans suffer from opioid addiction. Athletes haven't been able to avoid the epidemic, but they've found novel ways to alleviate pain without using prescription meds.

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