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What Kind of Reputable Outdoor Gear Can You Find at Big Box Stores?

If you look, you can find lots of well-made kit for outdoor adventures

Never disregard a good Walmart. (Photo: iStock )

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Sure, there’s plenty of junk at big box stores, but spend some time sifting through the clutter and you’ll find a handful of solid, dependable products to round out your adventure kits. Here are nine pieces of gear I regularly use that you can find on the shelves at Walmart and other mainstream retailers.

Mainstays Comforter ($21, Queen)

(Photo: Walmart)

My wife and I regularly use this comforter when car camping on warm nights. We like it because it’s better for snuggling than a backpacking sleeping bag, goes great with the plush mattresses you find in rooftop tents, and is machine washable. 

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Mainstays Extra Firm Pillow ($6)

(Photo: Walmart)

The wrong pillow will ruin a night in the woods, so bring a set of these whenever you go car camping. They’re inexpensive and almost as plush as the ones you have at home. 

Coleman Hyperflame Camp Stove ($105)

(Photo: Walmart)

I’ve been testing a Hyperflame for nine months and love how the top can be set up as a grill or as traditional burners. I’m also impressed with how fast the 11,000 BTU burners boil water.

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Coleman One-Burner Stove and Lantern Bundle ($50)

(Photo: Walmart)

It might seem ridiculous to buy another stove if you already have something like the Hyperflame, but hear me out: I like the one-burner as an add-on because it’s perfect for making coffee while my bacon and eggs take up the two other burners. And at night, the 810-lumen lantern that pops on top is so bright that it’ll light up an entire campsite. 

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Coleman Nonstick Griddle ($18)

(Photo: Walmart)

Inedible camp pancakes? Blame your manky old pan. For better pancakes (and bacon and hashbrowns), I use this nonstick griddle that spans two burners and holds a nice even heat. Just make sure to let it warm up properly.

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Rubbermaid Roughneck 14-Gallon Storage Box ($18)

(Photo: Walmart)

Buy a set of these to store all your camping gear and I guarantee you’ll get out of the house faster on Friday afternoon and will go camping more often.

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Rothco 3-Piece Chow Kit Utensils for Backpacking, Camping ($4)

(Photo: Walmart)

You can stock your car camping kitchen with old utensils from home, but I like the Rothco 3-Piece Chow Kit because the interlocking pieces help you stay organized. Bonus: The knife has a bottle opener.

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Texsport Heavy-Duty Swivel Grill ($40)

(Photo: Walmart)

I’ve made plenty of grills from refrigerator shelves, but they’re wobbly and do a poor job of controlling the heat. That’s why I like this hearty, stable steel grill on a pole. It rotates, and the height is adjustable so you can sear and then slow-cook the perfect steak. 

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Coghlan’s Camp Stove Toaster ($4)

(Photo: Walmart)

I laughed at these camping toasters for years before I finally used one on a Baja surf trip. Let me tell you, perfectly toasted bagels on a secluded beach are heaven. 

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