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Yep, a Flip Flop Designed for Amputees

Combat Flip Flips is ready to Floperate

The Floperators are made in Colombia, and each pair sold puts an Afghan girl in secondary school for a day. (Combat Flip Flops)

Say you run a flip-flop company dedicated to bringing economic opportunities and education to women in war zones, and a veteran who lost a leg in one of those aforementioned places wants to wear your products? If you’re Matthew Griffin, a retired Army Ranger, you take the opportunity to make your flip-flops prosthesis compatible. 

Combat Flip Flops’ latest product is this new Floperator. Designed to ape the tacti-cool style that’s popular with special operations soldiers and their fans, they’re available in OD green, coyote brown, and tactical black, complete with a hook-and-loop area for your service patches. 

With the motto, “Bad for running, worse for fighting,” CFF’s goal is to reduce world conflict by addressing its causes. By purchasing the company’s products, you're paying to educate women in Afghanistan, clear land mines in Laos, and employ people in Colombia, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Each pair of Floperators sold puts one Afghan girl in secondary school for a day. So far in 2016, they’ve put 130 girls in Afghanistan in school for the year. 

Want to help change the world, one pair of flip flops at a time, but are missing a leg? CFF will include an amputee retrofit strap free of charge. 


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