Eric Killelea

Eric Killelea


5 Seconds with Alex Honnold

Your guide to the United States of climbing. Plus, tips to stay injury-free and some inspiring words from the world’s best big-waller.

Eric Killelea
May 22, 2017

The 10 Most Deadly National Parks

We pulled records from January 2006 to September 2016 on where, how, and why park visitors are dying. Here’s what we found.

Eric Killelea
Mar 1, 2017

Will Pipelines Destroy Our Thru-Hikes?

A proposed 300-mile natural gas pipeline would cut a swath across the AT and could undermine protections for National Scenic Trails across the country

Eric Killelea
Feb 22, 2017

Fat Woody E-Bike

This e-bike is inspired by 1950s hot rods.

Eric Killelea
Dec 30, 2016

Trip Tarp

Never forget a piece of gear again

Eric Killelea
Dec 22, 2016

These Guys Just Hiked the Whole Grand Canyon

One of our most iconic wild places is under threat from mining and development interests. Two journalists hiked 800 miles to remind people why they should care.

Eric Killelea
Nov 22, 2016