Unbound Apparel

Travel the world for months with just the items in this photo

Yes, you only need two outfits for two weeks of travel. (Unbound Merino)
unbound merino

Like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg adopted a uniform (gray T-shirt, jeans) to save time and improve efficiency. Now, Unbound Apparel has applied that same principal to travel clothing. 

The company makes just two tees (crew or v-neck), one style of boxers, and one style of socks—the foundation of your basic travel kit. Everything is made from anti-stink and temperature-regulating merino wool. Unbound claims that with two of its kits, plus a pair of pants and a jacket, you can travel for months with zero (okay, maybe a few) visits to the laundromat. 

From $110, indiegogo.com

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