A Sneak Peek at Reel Rock 11

Photo: Ben Ditto
Climbing’s premier film festival, Reel Rock, is kicking off its 11th tour this fall. The party begins in Boulder on September 15 and is followed by 450 screenings in most corners of the world including places like Germany, Australia, and Antarctica. This year’s tour will highlight five films and feature rising superstars like Ashima Shiraishi and veterans of the rock like Mike Libecki. Here is a quick preview.

Photo: Dodo’s Delight will follow Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll, Ben Ditto, and brothers Nico and Olivier Favresse to the Arctic Circle for some unclimbed big walls.

Photo: Ben Ditto
Best mode of transportation in the Arctic Circle? Sailboat. Here, the Favresse brothers scope out some new routes in the Sam Ford Fjord of Baffin Island.
Photo: Brett Lowell
This film highlights the ascendance of teenage sensations Ashima Shiraishi (pictured) and Kai Lightner. Photo: Brett Lowell
Photo: Brett Lowell
In the film, the two young climbers get tested on a trip to Norway. Here, Shiraishi attempts history on a V15 boulder problem in Japan.
Photo: Brett Lowell
Matt Segal and Will Stanhope are the world-class climbers (and personalities) featured in “Boys in the Bugs,” which takes place in Canada’s Bugaboos.
Photo: Brett Lowell
The film takes viewers along for the ride as Segal and Stanhope try to conquer a four-year project on a 5.14 finger crack. Here, a shot of Segal waking up on Snowpatch Spire.
Photo: Drew Smith
Brette Harrington is another rising talent Reel Rock 11 places right in front of the camera. This project follows Harrington from her home in British Columbia through some of America’s great rock destinations and finally to a free solo in Patagonia.
Photo: Mike Libecki
Mike Libecki is no stranger to the Reel Rock screen or the world’s big mountains. This year, Rad Dad explores how Libecki balances his life as a parent and adventurer. Plus, it looks like he may have a new travel partner.