Question Everything

Question Everything You Know About Fitness

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a restless desk jockey, there are better way to achieve your goals. Just ask 4-Hour guru Tim Ferriss, who started quizzing the world’s greatest performers on their routines as a side project—and ended up with a whole new approach to training.


Make Boredom the Enemy


Ignore Your Limits

We Made 6 Writers Learn Fitness Lessons the Hard Way

If you’re willing to work hard, conquer your fears, and maybe don some superhero spandex, anything is possible


Train Like a Girl

Train Like a Girl

It’s time to take a few tips from women


Always Be Moving

Wanna Stay Healthy? You Better Be Moving All Day Long.

A morning run or evening Spin class may feel great, but if the rest of your day involves sitting on your ass, a brief burst does little for your overall well-being.


Work Hardest at Rest

Work Hardest at Rest

Turns out we’ve all vastly overemphasized the getting-stronger-and-faster part of being fit. The real secret to optimal performance is taking care of yourself—starting with getting a better night’s sleep.

Make 2018 Your Fittest Year Ever

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