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Build Your Own Training Camp

Two weeks of full-time, one-on-one instruction at Exos can set you back $4,800. Here’s how to get many of the same performance benefits without taking out a second mortgage.

You don't need full-time, one-on-one instruction to bump your fitness to the next level. (Photo: Michael Darter)
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Athos’s smart clothes monitor muscle activation, effort, balance, and heart rate on an app (iOS only), helping you coach yourself to perfect form. $547 for compression shirt, shorts, and sensors

Get out of that strawberries-and-yogurt rut. Greenblender delivers weekly boxes of fresh fruit, veggies, and superfood powders like antioxidant-rich maqui berry and cacao—everything you need (including recipes) to make ten nutrient-rich smoothies. $176 a month.

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127 radical tips for total health.

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A coach from Carmichael Training Systems will custom-build a cycling, running, or triathlon schedule with weekly check-ins and analysis of your power, heart-rate, and GPS training files. $165 a month.

Book a one-hour sports massage online with Soothe and a therapist will arrive at your house an hour later. $99, tip included.

Body Need an Upgrade? Surrender to the Higher Powers at EXOS.

Want to perform like a pro, even with the years piling up? Nick Heil got the deluxe treatment at Exos, a cutting-edge outfit that works with NFL players and soccer stars.

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The Pear+ app offers thousands of workouts and training plans with interactive audio coaching from Olympic and world-champion athletes, including Mirinda Carfrae, one of the best Ironman racers of all time. iOS only; $30 a year.

Get hundreds of hours of brain training from the Headspace app, including ten-minute sessions of guided meditation designed to enhance mindfulness and performance. Android and iOS; $13 a month.

Do you have trouble finding the motivation  to train alone? Join the November Project, a grassroots, interval-loving fitness group, for a free dawn workout.

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