Peter Flax

Peter Flax

Peter Flax is the editor-in-chief of The Red Bulletin, the 10-times-per-year magazine from energy drink maker Red Bull. He is also the former editor-in-chief for Bicycling Magazine, features editor for The Hollywood Reporter and a contributing writer to CyclingTips as well as RKP.


The Deadly Problem with Bike Lanes

Most cyclists know that bike lanes offer very limited physical protection. They might not know that they offer approximately zero legal protection either.

Peter Flax
Oct 27, 2018

Why Is It So Hard to Charge Motorists with Murder?

Jennifer Lloyd was riding next to a friend when the Ford 500 sedan raced past. Lloyd, who estimates the Ford sedan was going 100 miles per hour down a two-lane road without a paved shoulder, turned...

Peter Flax
May 15, 2018

Autonomous Cars Aren’t Ready for Cyclists

On Sunday night, a tragic scenario that many cyclists and tech writers have been wringing their hands over for years played out in Tempe, Arizona, as an autonomous vehicle hit and killed a woman who...

Peter Flax
Mar 19, 2018

Cyclists Are More Law-Abiding Than Drivers

A new study—commissioned by the Florida Department of Transportation and conducted by scientists at the University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research—is pretty damn...

Peter Flax
Jan 15, 2018

A Cyclist Writes His Own Obituary

Let’s get this straight: If something horrible happens to me on a ride, don’t ever say I died doing what I love. I feel no affection about the idea of getting pulverized by a 4,000-pound SUV,...

Peter Flax
Jun 15, 2017

The Cycling World Loses Steve Tilford, All-Time Great

After we heard the news of Steve Tilford's death Wednesday, we spoke with some of the people who knew him best—friends, teammates, competitors—to paint a picture of a man who built his wonderful life...

Peter Flax
Apr 6, 2017

The Heartbreaking Creation of a Ghost Bike

The bicycle was black before it was white. It lay on the pavement behind Alan Nakagawa’s house in Los Angeles’ Koreatown neighborhood. The bike was an English-style cruiser, with fenders and a swept-...

Peter Flax
Dec 22, 2016