Luke Whelan

Luke Whelan

Luke Whelan is Outside’s research editor, overseeing the print and digital fact-checking operations. He is very proud of his house plants. 


"Cougar Guy" Tells the Crazy Story Behind His Viral Video

Kyle Burgess was on a trail run when he came upon a protective mama mountain lion. Using his phone, he filmed her as she escorted him away from her cubs for six terrifying minutes. He had no idea he’d just shot internet gold.

Luke Whelan
Oct 15, 2020

This Story Is Every Cyclist's Worst Nightmare

Triathlete Adelaide Perr sustained serious injuries after colliding with a car—then was saddled with proving, against the driver’s word, that she was a victim

Luke Whelan
Aug 7, 2018

Not All Sugars Are Evil

Your gels and powders and loaded with sugar, which doesn't have to be a bad thing. Here are the sugars to avoid and the ones that are OK.

Luke Whelan
Feb 21, 2017

We Designed the Perfect City

We took the best parts of our favorite cities and created the ultimate utopia for outdoor lovers

Luke Whelan
Oct 26, 2016