Luke Whelan

Luke Whelan

Luke Whelan is Outside’s research editor, overseeing the print and digital fact-checking operations. He is very proud of his house plants. 


The Tiny Robots About to Revolutionize Disaster Rescue

Drones and unmanned ground vehicles have assisted search teams since the Twin Towers fell 16 years ago. But engineers have yet to manufacture a robot that can withstand the elements, navigate...

Luke Whelan
Dec 5, 2017

The Summer's Top Documentaries

The summer’s hottest documentaries take on conservation, climate change, and doping.

Craig Fehrman, Luke Whelan, and Matt Skenazy
Jul 25, 2017

The Different Types of Sugars Lurking in Your Goos

Despite the dangers that sugar poses to sedentary folks, early studies suggest that it’s mostly OK for athletes who need quick, easily digested fuel. The sweetener powers your cells and is the main...

Luke Whelan
Feb 21, 2017