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The Fastest Athletes on the Planet

Kyle Wester broke the world speed record for skateboarding earlier this fall—but we wanted to see how his miles-per-hour compared to other sports

Kyle Wester (center) broke the skateboarding world record for speed this September, recording a speed of 89.41 miles per hour. (Photo: Denver Post via Getty Images)

Everybody loves a superlative, and “fastest” is perhaps the most coveted of them all. Athletes from many different disciplines have been trying to best one another in this competition for years. In September, Kyle Wester broke the world speed record for skateboarding, clocking at 89.41 miles per hour. How's that compare to the fastest speeds in other sports? Let's see. 

Fastest known speeds
(Photo: Mark Ficken)

Skateboard: 2016

Top Speed: 89.41

Record Holder: Kyle Wester

Downhill Skis (Women): 2016

Top Speed: 153.4

Record Holder: Valentina Greggio

Downhill Skis (Men): 2016

Top Speed: 158.4

Record Holder: Ivan Origone

Bike (Gravity): 1998

Top Speed: 64.02

Record Holder: Dwight Garland

Bike (with Vehicle Slipsteam, Men): 1995

Top Speed: 166.94

Record Holder: Fred Rompelberg

Bike (with Vehicle Slipsteam, Women): 2016

Top Speed: 147

Record Holder: Denise Mueller

Bike (on Dirt): 2002

Top Speed: 107

Record Holder: Eric Barone

Boat (Hydroplane): 1997

Top Speed: 317.58

Record Holder: Ken Warby

Boat (Sail): 2012

Top Speed: 59.37 (knots)

Record Holder: Paul Larsen

Run: 2009

Top Speed: 27.8

Record Holder: Usain Bolt

Luge: 2001

Top Speed: 86.6

Record Holder: Tony Benshoots

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Lead Photo: Denver Post via Getty Images
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